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Grand Rapids Welcomes Covenant House Academy

Covenant House Academy-Grand Rapids!

Covenant House Academy is expanding to include Grand Rapids this summer.  Campau Park Elementary School has been purchased and will be renovated for a July opening.  The school will provide educational opportunities to homeless, runaway, and at-risk youth ages 16 to 22, who have dropped out of school.

Grand Rapids school district currently has a 22.4 percent drop-out rate.  Mr. Sam Joseph, Executive Director of Covenant House, said that working with this population helps prevent them from becoming adult homeless and that if intervention doesn’t happen now these young people will be lost.

Students most likely to drop out of school are the ones who struggle the most, and include males, African Americans, Hispanics, and students with disabilities.  High school drop-outs have higher rates of poverty, increased assistance on public assistance, are more likely to be incarcerated, and have increased health care issues.

A shelter is part of the long-term plan for the location, but it will take time to raise the needed funds.

The Grand Rapids School District includes 68 schools that serve 18,652 students in grades PK through 12CHA-Grand Rapids

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