Who we are

Covenant House Academy is an alternative charter school enrolling more than 900 students, ages 16-22, to obtain their high school diploma. Our four campuses are located in Detroit and Grand Rapids.

We are tuition free, offer open-enrollment and a self-paced environment that allows students to recover credits and develop the knowledge and life skills needed to succeed in life.

By providing a safe, structured, self-paced learning environment, and qualified, dedicated teachers, Covenant House Academy helps students graduate high school and pursue higher learning.


Who we serve

Over 90 percent of Covenant House Academy students are African American or Hispanic/Latino, and have either dropped out or left their school for a number of reasons. Covenant House Academy enrolls all interested students regardless of prior academic record, conduct or socioeconomic background. These students make the choice to attend our schools and strive to succeed.

There are 900 students that attend our four high schools. They're determined to excel and succeed in life. Our excellent education program helps students learn and obtain the credits needed to graduate. Our qualified staff are dedicated to working with students every step of the way. We pride ourselves on creating a safe learning environment where students will be respected and held accountable. We believe in our students and are thrilled to help them reach their potential.

What we offer

The Covenant House Academy provides youth in our communities with new opportunities to earn a high school diploma, improve their life skills and the academic foundation to continue on to higher education or post-secondary skills training.  Aided with a compassionate and caring staff, the schools prevent poverty, underachievement and homelessness while offering hope, encouragement and a better chance for future success.

  • High school diploma for 16-22 year olds

  • Our schools provide a quality education

  • Credit recovery available

  • Homework and practice available 24/7

  • Year round flexible class schedules and enrollment

  • Vocational Assistance

  • Prepare for college & for life